PEI Curling Association Provincial Masters Curling Championships Winners and runners-up advance to the Maritime Masters Championships, at the Cornwall Curling Club,
Feb. 13-16.
January 18-21, 2005
Western Community Curling Club, Alberton
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Team Rosters
Teams are listed in the following order - Skip, 3rd, 2nd, lead

Women's section

Cornwall Curling Club
Eileen Blanchard, Jessie MacPhail, Mary Plamondon, Gladys Wright

Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club (Summerside)
Jeanne Duffenais,  Georgie Coulson, Ann Currie, Wanda MacLean

Men's section

Cornwall Curling Club
John Deluca, Peter Buchanan, Vince Fisher, Stu Simpson
Roddie MacLean, Alfred Morrison, Ray Fralick, Bill Prowse
Ernie Stavert, Sterling Stratton, Kimball Blanchard, Tom Dunn

Crapaud Community Curling Club
Fred Fall, George Nicholson, Patrick O'Connor, Walter Andrews

Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club (Summerside)
Des Arsenault, Fred Hiscock, George Power, Lloyd Lawless
Marc Gagnon, Clayton Coulson, Clifford Arsenault, Clarence Richard
Lou Nowlan, Doug Currie, Wayne Gardiner, Raymond Thompson
Jim Praught, Bob Maynard, Ken Praught, Stavert Huestis
Louis Walsh, Earle Hayes, Charles Curry, Spike Martin

Western Community Curling Club (Alberton)
Leslie Hardy, Arthur Pendergast, Walter Callaghan, Pete Larter

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