PEI Curling Association Provincial Masters Curling Championships

Winners advance to the Maritime Masters Championships in Bridgewater, NS, Feb. 16-19

January 27-30, 2003

Montague Curling Club

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Nowlan wins Men's Masters Crown, Currie wins Women's

Lou Nowlan of the Silver Fox edged Roddie MacLean of Cornwall in the Men's Final on Thursday 4-3. Other members of the Nowlan Rink are: Doug Currie, Wayne Gardiner, Raymond Thompson.  

Roddie MacLean's team includes Jack Fairhurst, John DeLuca, and Kimball Blanchard.

Anne Currie won the womens title Wednesday with a win over Marge Campbell of Montague.

All four rinks will advance to the Maritime Masters Championships in Bridgewater NS, Feb. 16-19.



Game Results
(Women's Games in Red) 

Monday, January 27th, 9 AM

Ice 1, Game 1: Lou Nolan (Sil. Fox) 8 vs Fred Fall (Crapaud) 4
Ice 2, Game 2: Roddie MacLean (Cornwall) 7 vs Peter Stark (Ch'town) 5
Ice 3, Game 3: Bob Johnson (Ch'town)
 7 vs Louis Walsh (Sil. Fox) 5
Ice 4, Game 4: Paul Saulnier (Ch'town)
 4 vs Ernie Diamond (Cornwall) 8

Monday, January 27th, 11:30 AM

Ice 2, Game A: Eileen Blanchard (Cornwall) 8 vs Janet MacDonald (Cornwall)3
Ice 3, Game B: Marge Campbell (Montague) 9 vs Margie Jardine (Ch'town) 3

Monday, January 27th, 2 PM

Ice 1, Game 7: Sterling Stratton (Cornwall) 4 vs Johnson 7
Ice 2, Game 5: Paul Gallant (Ch'town)
 2 vs Nowlan 2
Ice 3, Game 8: Saulnier 6 vs Stark 2
Ice 4, Game 6: Jim Praught (Sil. Fox) 
3 vs MacLean

Monday, January 27th, 4:30 PM

Ice 1, Game C: Ann Currie (Sil. Fox) 9 vs Blanchard
Ice 2, Game 9: 
Walsh 10 vs Gallant 4
Ice 3, Game D: Diane MacKay (Ch'town) 5 vs Campbell 7
Ice 4, Game 10:
 Fall 12 vs Stratton 3

Tuesday, January 28th, 9 AM

Ice 1, Game 13: Nowlan 8 vs Diamond 5
Ice 2, Game F: Blanchard 5 vs Jardine
Ice 3, Game 14: MacLean 
7 vs Johnston 3
Ice 4, Game E: MacKay 10vs MacDonald 3

Tuesday, January 28th, 11:30 AM

Ice 1, Game 11: Walsh 
5 vs Saulnier 2
Ice 2, Game G: Curie 10 vs Campbell
Ice 3, Game 12: Fall
 9 vs Praught 1

Tuesday, January 28th, 2 PM

Ice 1, Game H: MacKay  7 vs Blanchard
Ice 2, Game 17:Nowlan
8 vs MacLean 3
Ice 3, Game 16: Johnston 
7 vs Walsh 4
Ice 4, Game 15:
Fall 8 vs Diamond 5

Wednesday, January 29th, 10 AM

Ice 2, Game 18: Fall 
10 vs Johnson 5
Ice 3, Game I: Campbell 8 vs MacKay 7

Wednesday, January 29th, 1 PM

Ice 1, Game J: Currie 7 vs Campbell 
Ice 4, Game 19: MacLean 
8 vs Fall 1

Thursday, January 30th, 1 PM

Ice 3, Game 20: Nowlan
4 vs MacLean 3

Draw and Schedule
(double knockout format)
Note: Draw tree will not be updated during event.
See Game Results section for scores and games.

Women's Rinks (skip, 3rd, 2nd, lead)

Charlottetown Curling Club:

Margie Jardine, Carole Kennedy, Judy MacLean, Mary Ferguson
Diane MacKay, Sharon Knox, Betty Matthews, Florence Wonnacott

Cornwall Curling Club:

Eileen Blanchard, Gladys Wright, Mary Plamondon, Jessie MacPhail
Janet MacDonald, Eunice Cudmore, Irene MacRae, Norma Hamilton

Montague Curling Club:

Marge Campbell, Irene Spriet, Helen Robbins, Evelyn MacLure

Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club:

Ann Currie, Georgie Coulson, Wanda MacLean, Mabel Gardiner

Men's Rinks (skip, 3rd, 2nd, lead)

Charlottetown Curling Club:

Paul Gallant, Robert Hambly, Ken Jay, Norman Carruthers
Bob Johnson, Myron MacKay, John Baird, Jim MacLean
Paul Saulnier, Reg Peters, Jerry Muzika, Clarence Murphy
Peter Stark, Ted Marsh, Errol Nicholson, Brian Sutcliffe

Cornwall Curling Club

Ernie Diamond, Ernie Stavert, Bill Brown, Winston Taylor
Roddie MacLean, Jack Fairhurst, John DeLuca, Kimball Blanchard
Sterling Stratton, Tom Dunn, Roy Coffin, Dave Currie

Crapaud Community Curling Club:

Fred Fall, William Nicholson, Claire Carruthers, George Nicholson

Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club:

Lou Nowlan, Doug Currie, Wayne Gardiner, Raymond Thompson
Jim Praught, Earle Hayes, Bob Maynard, Vernon Simpson
Louis Walsh, Richard Savidant, Charles Currie, Stavert Huestis

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