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Rodd Curling Classic


(information from event program, 2006)

The Rodd Curling Classic is a premier cashspiel event on the Atlantic Curling Tour. It takes place each November at the Charlottetown Curling Club Club (additional ice at the Cornwalll Curling Club has been used some years).


The event was held first in 1975 and 1978, sponsored by the Rodd Motor Inn. Moosehead Breweries sponsored it in 1980, followed by the Kirkwood Motor Inn in 1984-1986. Ultramar Atlantic took over at title sponsor from 1987 through 2001, with Island Novelty/Island Video Amusement/M & M Amusement as presenting sponsor from 1990-1996. Rodd Inns and Resorts took over as title sponsor in 2002. Pepsi was presenting sponsor in 2002. 2006 presenting sponsors include RBC Financial Group, Grant Thornton, Eastlink, and Alexander Keith's.


Here are the event winners:


1975 - Bobby Dillon, Charlottetown
1978 - Dr. Wayne Matheson, Charlottetown
1980 - Steve Ogden, Halifax
1984 - Steve Ogden, Halifax
1985 - John Fortier, Charlottetown
1986 - Scott Saunders, Halifax
1987 - John Likely, Charlottetown
1988 - Thomas Hakansson, Dartmouth
1989 - Peter Gallant, Charlottetown
1990 - Jim Sullivan, Fredericton and Kim Dolan, Charlottetown
1991 - Robert Campbell, Charlottetown, and Kim Dolan, Charlottetown
1992 - Robert Campbell, Charlottetown, and Elizabeth Johansson, Sweden
1993 - Terry Odishaw, Moncton, and Mary Mattatal, Halifax
1994 - Bruce Lohnes, Halifax, and Susan McInnis, Charlottetown
1995 - Robert Campbell, Charlottetown, and Shelly Danks, Charlottetown
1996 - Robert Campbell, Charlottetown, and Tammi Lowther, Charlottetown
1997 - Mark Dacey, Halifax, and Shelly Bradley, Charlottetown
1998 - Alan O'Leary, Halifax, and Colleen Jones, Halifax
1999 - Robert Campbell, Charlottetown, and Sue Dobson, NB
2000 - Russ Howard, Moncton, and Colleen Jones, Halifax
2001 - Shawn Adams, Halifax, and Heather Smith, Halifax
2002 - John Likely, Charlottetown, and Suzanne Gaudet, Charlottetown
2003 - Andrew Robinson, Charlottetown, and Suzanne Gaudet, Charlottetown
2004 - Terry Odishaw, Moncton, and Rebecca Jean MacPhee, Charlottetown
2005 - Peter Gallant, Charlottetown, and Suzanne Gaudet, Charlottetown
2006 - John Likely, Charlottetown, and Kay Zinck, Halifax


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