History Men's Assoc. Minutes 1934 through 1949-50

PEI Curling Association Minutes (Men's) 1934 through 1949-50

The recording of the history of the PEI Curling Association (Men's and Ladies) and curling clubs on PEI is part of a project initiated by Jerry Muzika through the PEI Curling Association with the view to preserving the curling heritage of Prince Edward Island. Minutes from the Associations and some of the curling clubs have been reviewed and excerpts taken and compiled chronologically. Some anecdotal accounts have also been included for their historical interest.

Thank you - to all who have cooperated and participated in this project. Especially to Debbie Carragher and Janet Doiron at Sport PEI, Shirley Lank, Cornwall Curling Club, Ron Atkinson, Belvedere, and all those who located minutes and entrusted them to me as I carried out my review. Any errors and/or omissions are unintentional and corrections should be passed on to me at this web site. - Jerry Muzika

Below are the minutes of the PEI Curling Association (Men's) from 1934 through the 1949-50 season.

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(No minutes were available from 1934 - 1942. However, the following anecdotal account was found among original minutes dating from 1943 onward. The author is unknown).

The Provincial Association was organized in 1934 in affiliation with the Dominion Curling Association and through it with the Royal Caledonian Club of Scotland. In 1936, and in each successive year, the Association was represented by a provincial rink in the Dominion Curling Playdowns.

In each of these years the honour fell to the Charlottetown Curling Club, with the exception of 1936 when the Province was represented by a Montague rink, and in 1948 when a Summerside rink won the Provincial Championships. Prince Edward Island representatives have not made a brilliant showing in the Brier play. This has been largely due to the shortness of our curling season and the absence of artificial ice both of which factors have curtailed the available amount of competitive curling and practice. The greatest number of games won by any Island rink in the Brier was three, a record achieved by the W.R. Cruikshank rink at Quebec in 1942. The Brier, however has served as a focus for inter-club competition and with the present availability of two artificial rinks it is confidently hoped that stronger teams will be developed and that the Island will make a better showing in the Dominion Playdowns.

Besides the Provincial Championships which confers the British Consols Trophy and the right to represent the Province in the Dominion Playdowns, the Prince Edward Island Curling Association conducts a number of other inter-club competitions. Among these are the Gaboury Competition, an inter-club bonspiel for the Gaboury Trophy, presented by M. Gaboury formerly French Consul in the Maritimes. The MacArthur Trophy, presented by the late Senator Creelman MacArthur as a Challenge Cup. The Regal Flour Competition, an inter-club competition open to curlers with up to four years experience, and the Physical Fitness Competition, an inter-club contest among curlers of up to eight years experience. In the last named competition the winner gains a trophy donated by the Province's Physical Fitness Branch and the two rinks standing highest represent the Province at the Maritime Junior Curler's Competition.



The annual meeting of the Prince Edward Curling Association was held in the Winchester Banquet Hall of the Charlottetown Club Rooms on the 27th day of October 1943.

The President G.G. Hughes took the Chair.

R.R. Bell reported as to the Constitution of the Club which was drawn up by himself, W.R. Cruikshank and Dr. H. McIntyre - the committee appointed at the last annual meeting for that purpose. With slight variations the Constitution as submitted by Mr. Bell was adopted and which is as follows:


1.         The Association shall be called the Prince Edward Island Curling Association and shall be affiliated with the Royal Calendonia Curling Club of Scotland.

2.         The object shall be to promote the game of curling in the Prince of Edward Island, to unite all curling clubs therein into one organization, to hold fraternal intercourse with other neighboring curling associations and to maintain connections with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club of Scotland.

3.         Its members shall consist of all the members in good standing in the curling clubs of Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague, and Alberton, and of any other curling clubs that may be received into the Association and conform to the rules thereof as adopted.

4.         The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a President, the Vice-Presidents who shall be the Presidents of the members clubs, a Secretary-Treasurer and two executive officers from each of the curling clubs belonging to the Association, the President and Secretary -Treasurer to be elected at the annual meeting.

5.         An annual general meeting of the Association shall be held in Charlottetown on the 3rd Wednesday of October in each year for the transaction of the general business of the Association and for the election of officers.

6.         The clubs shall pay to the Association an annual fee of five dollars and in addition an assessment of 25 cents for each member of the respective clubs, such fee and assessment to be payable not later than January 15th in each year. A list of the members of each club to be filed annually with the Secretary.


7.        The President shall preside at all meetings. In his absence, one of the Vice Presidents appointed by the meeting shall preside.

8          At all meetings of the Association, motions and notices of motions shall be in writing and shall be read from the chair before being discussed. No member shall discuss any subject that is not before the meeting by a regular motion.

9.         Special meetings of either the Association or of the Executive may be called by the President upon giving five days notice to the member clubs and stating therein the purpose for which the meeting is being called. At special meetings of the Association, no business shall be transacted other than that for which the meeting was convened.

10.       At all meetings of the officers of the executive, all matters brought before the meeting shall be decided by a majority vote, and in the case of a tie, the presiding officer shall have the deciding vote.

11.       The play for all provincial trophies shall be under the jurisdiction of the Executive of the Association and all rules respecting the competition for such trophies must be approved of by the Executive.

12.       The dates for holding for provincial trophies shall be decided each year at the annual meeting of the Association.

AMENDMENT: Annual Meeting, October 18, 1944

It was moved and duly passed that the Constitution be amended providing for a ten day notice to be given of the annual meeting.

A general discussion followed as to dates of playdowns for provincial trophies. Mr. Curran (Summerside) reported that at a Summerside meeting the feeling was that the British Consols Trophy Playdowns should be about the third week in January. The meeting decided that this trophy play should be held in Charlottetown on February 9, 1944, each club to be represented by two teams and in the event of a club not furnishing the second team Summerside and Charlottetown would provide the extra teams to make eight in all -entries to be made not later than February 2nd.

A Games Committee, one from each club was on motion of W.R. Cruikshank (Charlottetown) and Curran (Summerside) adopted. This committee to manage all provincial games - two to constitute a quorum. This committee for 1944 were J.F. McLeod (Charlottetown) Chairman, L.H. Poole (Montague) Gordon White (Summerside) and J.H. Myrick (Alberton).

The minutes of the last annual meeting were adopted by motion of R.R. Bell (Charlottetown) and Estey (Summerside) and the Financial Report by motion of Parks (Montague) and Curran (Summerside).

Election of Officers:

President                     - Dr. H.E. Clark                                  -          Summerside

Secretary - Treasurer - R.R. Bell                                            -          Charlottetown

Executive                    - Mr. Corney and Mr. Gaudet             -          Summerside

                                    Mr. Poole and Mr. Gillis                    -          Montague

                                    Mr. McLeod and Mr. Hughes             -          Charlottetown

                                    Mr. Myrick and Mr. Currie                -          Alberton


By balance on hand from 1943                                               $38.49

By Club dues for 1944                                                          86.25

By Club dues arrears for 1943                                               17.00

To cheque to Dominion Association                                                                        10.15

To cheque to J.F. McLeod share of costs re: MacDonald                                          30.03

To exchange on cheques                                                                                             .60

To postage                                                                                                                   .75

To telephone tolls                                                                                                        .95

To advertising Annual Meeting                                                           5.00

                                                                                                            $141.74            $47.48


To amount now on deposit in Bank of Montreal                                $141.74           $141.74



The annual meeting of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association was held in the Charlottetown Club rooms October 18, 1944.

In the absence of the President, Dr. Clark, it was moved and seconded that Mr. A.J. Curran of Summerside take the chair.

The Treasurer's Report was read and adopted. There was a bank balance of $94.26.

A general discussion then took place on the mode of play and the date for the Prince Edward Island Championships. It was decided that two teams should represent each club and to play round robin series, and the days set were the 7th and 8th of February with entries to close on January 31st.

It was decided on motion that the Gaboury Cup be played for the 17th day of January and that the Regal Trophy be played on the 21st day of February.

It was moved and duly passed that the Constitution be amended providing for a ten day notice to be given of the annual meeting.

The Election of Officers resulted as follows:

President         -          Mr. William Swindell

Secretary         -          Mr. R.R. Bell

Executive        -          Mr. George McIntyre            -          Montague

                        -          Mr. L.H. Poole                       -          Montague

                        -          Mr. E. Foley                           -          Summerside

                        -          Mr. J. Gaudet                          -          Summerside

                        -          Mr. W.R. Cruikshank             -          Charlottetown

                        -          Dr. Heath McIntyre                -          Charlottetown

                        -          Mr. J. Myrick                          -          Alberton

                        -          Mr. V. Currie                          -          Alberton

The following were appointed as Games Committee with the first named as Chairman:

J.F. McLeod               -          Charlottetown

Mr. A.G. Parks           -          Montague

Mr. J. Myrick              -          Alberton

Mr. Corney                 -          Summerside

On motion, Meeting adjourned.



The annual meeting of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association was held in the Charlottetown Curling Club rooms on the 17th day of October 1945.

The President Mr. Swindell called the meeting to order at 8:15 p.m. The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read by the Secretary R.R. Bell and duly passed.

Mr. Bell next presented the Treasurer's Report which showed receipts amounting to $222.26 and expenditures to the amount of $80.75, leaving a balance on hand of $141.51. The report was adopted.

The situation regarding curling buttons was next discussed. It was pointed out that the smaller clubs would require a very limited number of buttons which would be expensive to procure. It was finally decided that the four member clubs use the same button in the name of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association. The Secretary was instructed to order immediately 500 buttons of the same design as of 1944.

The election of officers was the next item of business and on motion the following were elected for the ensuing year.

President:                                Mr. A.G. Parks

Secretary - Treasurer:             Dr. Heath McIntyre

Members of the Executive:    Mr. L.H. Poole                       -          Montague

                                                Judge C. St. Clair Trainor       -          Montague

                                                Mr. Earl Corney                     -          Summerside

                                                Mr. E.P. Foley                        -          Summerside

                                                Mr. F.R. McLaine                   -          Charlottetown

                                                Mr. R.R. Bell                          -          Charlottetown

                                                Mr. J.H. Myrick                      -          Alberton

                                                Mr. H.J. Pyke                         -          Alberton

The Games Committee was elected as follows:

                                                Mr. W.R. Cruickshank

                                                Judge C. St. C. Trainor

                                                Mr. Reg Ellis

                                                Mr. Wm. Swindell

Mr. Cruickshank was named as Chairman.

A letter was read by the Secretary R.R. Bell from Chief Justice T.A. Campbell. In this letter his Honor outlined a proposal to hold an annual "Open" Maritime Bonspiel and further supported his suggestion by presenting a preliminary financial outline of the approximate cost and the sources from which revenue could be derived to finance the undertaking. He felt that it could be put on during the 1946 curling season. After considerable discussion it was moved, seconded and carried that the President appoint a committee of three to further investigate the project and to submit their report to the President as soon as possible.

The President named the following committee: Chief Justice Campbell, Inspector Norman Anderson and Mr. J.F. McLeod.

Neutral Stones: An open discussion on the question of using neutral stones during the Provincial Playdown games took place. It was finally moved by Wm. Swindell and seconded by R.R. Bell that all players play with neutral stones, that all stones be placed on each rink prior to the beginning of the first game and such stones shall remain on the same rinks throughout the entire bonspiel.

Moved by Wm. Swindell, seconded by Inspector Anderson that the British Consols Games be played in Charlottetown in 1946 and extended over three days: 2 games to be played on the first day, 3 games to be played on the second day, and 2 games on the third day. The first game to start the first day at 3:30pm and the seconded game to start at 8pm. Motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

                                                                                    Heath McIntyre



Charlottetown Curling Club   December 5th, 1945

This was a special meeting called for the purpose of receiving the report of the Maritime Bonspiel Committee.

The President A.G. Parks called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. Following a few brief introductory remarks he called on the Chairman of the Committee Chief Justice Thane A. Campbell to submit the report of his committee.

His Honor presented a very complete report showing that the committee have given this matter a whole lot of study. Briefly, they proposed to hold a bonspiel in Charlottetown to accommodate a minimum of 48 and a maximum of 72 rinks, to engage the Forum to provide the necessary additional ice surface.

The total estimated cost should not exceed $2,800.00 with an estimated revenue of $2,580.00 leaving a financial gap to bridge of $220.00 which should be easily solicited from local government and business concerns.

A draft constitution of the necessary bonspiel committees with suggested personnel and duties of each committee was submitted.

They further recommended that these committees be set up at this time.

The recommended date of the bonspiel was a choice between the week of February the 4th and February the 11th.

They further recommended that the provincial play-off for the British Consols Trophy should be combined with the bonspiel.

Following this report, a full discussion of the whole project took place which took up considerable time.

It was finally moved by Dr. Wendell MacDonald of Charlottetown and seconded by Mr. Phillips of Summerside that the Maritime Bonspiel be held in Charlottetown in 1947 and that the present committee under the chairmanship of the Hon. T.A. Campbell be authorized to carry on.

It was moved by Morley Bell, seconded by J.A. Fraser that the date for the holding of the bonspiel be set for the week of February the 10th and that the British Consols Playdowns be held in conjunction with the bonspiel. Motion carried.

It was moved by F.R. McLaine and seconded by Dr. Wendall MacDonald that the bonspiel be held annually under the auspices of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association. Motion carried.

It was moved by Judge Trainor, seconded by W.R. Cruickshank that a vote of thanks be extended to the committee for the excellent report which they had submitted.

Meeting Adjourned.

                                                            Heath MacIntyre




Membership, 1946

            Charlottetown                        170

            Summerside                             90

            Montague                                54

            Alberton   28


                                    Total    342


Per Capita Contribution                      25


Assessment                             Fee                              Per Capita                               Total


Charlottetown Club                $5.00                           $42.50                         $47.50

Summerside Club                   $5.00                           $22.50                         $27.50

Montague Club                       $5.00                           $13.35                         $18.35

Alberton Club                         $5.00                           $ 7.00                         $12.00




Charlottetown Curling Club   September 11th, 1946

This was a meeting of the Executive of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association called to receive the report of the Bonspiel Committee.

Those present were:                President A.G. Parks

                                                Judge Trainor

                                                E.P. Foley

                                                R.G. Ellis

                                                Earl Corney

                                                L.B. McMillian

                                                R.R. Bell

                                                Heath McIntyre

                                                Chief Justice Campbell

                                                Inspector Anderson

                                                J.F. McLeod

The President called the meeting to order at 8pm.

Chief Justice Campbell submitted a Badge designed, prepared by W.W. Wellner Ltd. which met with the unanimous approval of the meeting. The committee was authorized to decide on the number required, to get quotations and, if satisfactory to place the order for the same at once.

His Honor reported that on a tentative survey 30 rinks had already signified their intention to enter. He stated the committee intended having entry forms printed and sent out to all who have signified their intentions to enter.

Entry forms and a circular letter will be sent to all Maritime Curling Clubs.

The committee advises that all entries be individual rather than representative of clubs, entries to represent as many clubs as possible.

L.B. McMillan, Trophy Committee reported that he was assured of trophies from the following concerns:

                        Maritime Cement Co.

                        Holmans Ltd.

                        Curran & Briggs

                        British American Oil

                        McColl Frontenac

                        Seagram & Sons Ltd. (if regulations permit)

It was moved by J.F. McLeod and seconded by E.P. Foley that the Finance Committee be authorized to purchase suitable prizes to be raffled in order to raise funds to help finance the bonspiel. Motion carried.

It was moved by E.P. Foley, seconded by R.R. Bell that the maximum number of rinks to enter the bonspiel be set at 72 and that two teams from each member club be permitted to enter in the British Consols Competition. Motion carried.

The committee decided that the deadline for the acceptance of entries should be January the 11th. This was confirmed by the meeting on motion of Earl Corney, seconded by Inspector Anderson.

It was moved by J.F. MacLeod, seconded by E.P. Foley that Lieut. Col. Dave Stewart be made Chairman of the Program and Publicity Committee and that George Rogers be added to the Dance Committee. Motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

                                                                        Heath MacIntyre



The annual meeting adjourned from the regular date, October the 16th, was held November 6th, 1946 in the Banquet Hall of the Charlottetown Curling Club.

The meeting was called to order by the President A.G. Parks at 8:15pm with about 50 members in attendance.

Financial Report:

The Financial Report was read by the Secretary. It showed receipts amounting to $607.11 and expenditures amounting to $582.57, leaving a cash balance on deposit in the Bank of Montreal of $24.54. Assets of $136.50 were also shown, being the net value of 228 badges or buttons on hand. This report was duly received on motion by Morley Bell and E.P. Foley.

Competition Dates:

The dates selected for playing for the three main trophies are as follows:

Gaboury Cup              -          January 22nd

Regal Flour                 -          February 19th

British Consols           -          Week of February 10th, to be held in conjunction with the Confederation Bonspiel.

Election of Officers:

Being duly moved and seconded the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President:                    Inspector N.J. Anderson

Vice-Presidents:         Judge Trainor             -          Montague

                                    R.S.P. Jardine             -          Charlottetown

                                    Hazen Phillips            -          Summerside

                                    John C. Matthews       -          Alberton

Election of Officers:

Secretary:                               H.R. Carruthers                      -          Charlottetown

Members of Executive:           A.G. Parks                              -          Montague

                                                L.H. Poole                              -          Montague

                                                H.L. Sear                                -          Charlottetown

                                                Frank Acorn                           -          Charlottetown

                                                Earl Corney                            -          Summerside

                                                R.E. Ellis                                -          Summerside

                                                J.H. Myrick                            -          Alberton

                                                H.J. Pyke                                -          Alberton

Financial Year:

It was pointed out by the Secretary that there were no dates mentioned in the Constitution regarding the financial year. It was moved by R.E. Ellis, seconded by Judge Trainor and passed out that the Constitution be amended as follows:

"Section 5A - That the financial year extend from the first day of October in each year to the 30th day of September of the following year".

Neutral Stones:

Considerable discussion was indulged in on the subject of stones to be used in the provincial competitions. It was finally agreed that it was not advisable to attempt to set up definite rules on this point. However, it was decided that a recommendation be made to the Games Committee on this matter. The recommendation was as follows:

That in the British Consols Playdown games all players should play with neutral stones. Neutral stones interpreted to mean - stones drawn from the four member clubs but each player excluded from using the stones that he is accustomed to playing with in his own club.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

                                                                        Heath MacIntyre



Minutes of meeting held in the Winchester Banquet Hall in Charlottetown on Wednesday, May 7th, 1947 for the purpose of appointing Trustees for various trophies donated to the Confederation Bonspiel; also to appoint a Bonspiel Committee and other committees deemed necessary at this time.

Present - Twenty- seven members

Moved by J.F. MacLeod, seconded by F.R. MacLaine that the following members be appointed as Trustee Committee:

                                    L.B. MacMillan

                                    J.H. Howatt

                                    T.W.L. Prowse                                   Motion Carried.

The Committee was empowered to place insurance on trophies for fire and theft.

P.W. Turner on behalf of the Confederation Bonspiel submitted a financial report showing a balance on hand of approximately One Thousand Dollars.

Moved by L.B. MacMillan, seconded by J.F. MacLeod that the Confederation Bonspiel be held annually. Motion Carried.

The Honorable Thane A. Campbell reported that a Maritime Bonspiel for Juniors had been proposed and that the Atlantic Wholesalers Limited had offered to donate a suitable trophy for perpetual competition among the Maritimes for Junior Curlers - further that Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Branches had approved of the principle of holding such a bonspiel - after discussion - . Moved by P.W. Turner, seconded by Frank Acorn that the principle of a Maritime Junior Bonspiel be approved of and the offer of the Atlantic Wholesalers Limited be accepted by the Prince Edward Island Curling Association. Motion Carried.

Meeting Adjourned.

                                                                        Heath MacIntrye




Membership, 1947

            Alberton                      40

            Charlottetown                         190

            Montague                    54

            Summerside                 65

                        Total               349

Per Capita Contribution           25

Assessment                             Fee                              Per Capita                   Total

Alberton                                 $5.00                           $10.00             $15.00

Charlottetown Club                $5.00                           $47.50             $52.50

Montague Club                       $5.00                           $13.50             $18.50

Summerside Club                   $5.00                           $16.25             $21.25



Number of Buttons from 1946          228 @ 50                  $136.80

Number of Buttons bought 1947       300 @ 50                   150.00


Sold 87 @ 50                        $43.50

Sold 335 @ 65                      217.85

On hand 100 @ 50                 50.00

6 Unaccounted                                    




To Balance                                                                             $ 9.55




The annual meeting of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association was held on October 15th, 1947 in the Charlottetown Curling Club Banquet Hall.

This meeting was called for 7:30pm but owing to the fact that representatives from the Alberton and Summerside Clubs did not arrive, it was not called to order until 8:30pm.

There were 14 members present.

The Hon. Thane A. Campbell reported as follows: He and his Committee had been in conference with the Management of the Forum to endeavor to make the necessary arrangements for procuring the facilities of the Forum for the holding of the 1948 Confederation Bonspiel; that the Forum's price offer for the Forum was $1,500.00 for the same length and time and services as last year.

After much discussion a price $1,350.00 was agreed upon. It was agreed that the curlers would take over Saturday night and that everything could be made in readiness to begin the games on Monday morning at 8:30pm.

It was moved by the Hon. T.A. Campbell and seconded by L.H. Poole that the Bonspiel Committee be authorized to proceed on the basis of paying $1,350.00 for the Forum, that the Forum be taken over at 6pm on Saturday, February 7th, 1948; that the schedule of games be arranged to begin at 8:30am on Monday the 9th; that the entrance fee be set at $6.00 per member. Motion Carried.

It was considered undesirable to proceed with the regular business of the meeting without all clubs being represented.

It was moved, seconded and carried that the meeting adjourn to Wednesday, November 5th, at 7:30pm and that the Secretary notify all members of the Executive and endeavor to have all clubs represented.


The annual meeting of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association adjourned from October 15th was held on November 5th, 1947 in the Charlottetown Curling Club Banquet Hall.

The meeting was called to order by the President Inspector N.J. Anderson at 8 p.m. with 25 members present. Member clubs represented were as follows:

                        Alberton         -          3

                        Summerside    -          4

                        Montague       -          8

                        Charlottetown             -          10

Maritime Bonspiel for Junior Curlers:

The Hon. Chief Justice Campbell reported that a meeting had been recently held in Moncton to consider the matter of the proposed Maritime Bonspiel for Junior Curlers. He and three others including W.W. Lord were present. At this meeting it was agreed that such a bonspiel would in all probabilities be held at the Beaver Club in Moncton in February, 1948.

A Board of Trustees had been appointed and W.W. Lord had been named a member of the Board to represent our Association. The Board was to draw up rules and regulations to govern this Competition.

He further stated that it was decided that each club participating should be represented by two rinks; these rinks to be the winners and runners-up of a competition in each of the three Maritime provinces.

His Honour further stated that in order to provide such a competition in Prince Edward Island he had interviewed Col. W.W. Reid who stated that his Department would be willing to donate a suitable trophy for annual competition.

Junior Curlers for this event are classified as those who have up to eight years active curling.

Following a discussion it was moved by the Honourable T.A. Campbell that the proposed Bonspiel as outlined be approved. Motion Carried.

It was moved by the Hon. T.A. Campbell, seconded by J. Matthews that W.W. Lord be appointed to represent the Prince Edward Island Curling Association on the Board of Trustees for a period to be decided on by that Board. Motion Carried.

Moved by the Hon. T.A. Campbell, seconded by J. Matthews that a committee be appointed to draw up rules and regulations for this year to govern the conduct of this competition. This trophy to be known as the Physical Fitness Trophy. Motion Carried.

Election of Officers:

The following officers were elected for the year 1947-48.

President:                                E.P. Foley. Moved by R.E. Ellis, seconded by J. Matthews.

Vice Presidents:                      H.F. Matthews            -          Alberton

                                                Morley Bell                -          Summerside

                                                Alex Matheson           -          Charlottetown

                                                Fred MacIntyre           -          Montague

Secretary-Treasurer:               Dr. Heath MacIntrye  
Moved by N.J. Anderson, seconded by J. Matthews.


Members of the Executive:    L.H. Poole                  -          Montague

                                                Dr. L.A. Johnston       -          Montague

                                                H. Matthews               -          Alberton

                                                H.J. Pyke                    -          Alberton

                                                C.E. Corney                -          Summerside

                                                R.E. Ellis                    -          Summerside

                                                J.F. McLeod               -          Charlottetown

                                                W.R. Cruikshank        -          Charlottetown

Games Committee:                 R.S.P. Jardine, Chairman

                                                Judge C. St. Clair Trainor

                                                R.E. Ellis

                                                Wm. Swindell

Confederation Bonspiel:

It was moved by Inspector N.J. Anderson, seconded by W.R. Cruikshank that his Honour Chief Justice T.A. Campbell be appointed Chairman of the General Executive Committee with power to make any changes he deemed necessary in the personnel of his committee. Motion Carried.

It was moved by the Hon. T.A. Campbell, seconded by E.P. Foley that in the British Consols Playdown two teams from each Club be entered, making a total of eight rinks. That in the event of any club not being represented by two rinks that the shortage can be made up by rinks selected from the Charlottetown Club, such rinks having competed in the elimination club games. Motion Carried.

Physical Fitness Trophy:

It was moved by J.F. MacLeod, seconded by L.H. Poole that Hon. T.A. Campbell be appointed Chairman of the Physical Fitness Trophy Committee with power to name his own committee for the purpose of drawing up rules and regulations to govern the conduct of this competition. Motion Carried.

His Honour named the following as members of his committee:

                        W.R. Cruikshank

                        R.E. Ellis

                        H.J. Pyke

                        L.H. Poole

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


A meeting of the Executive of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association was held on Thursday, May the 13th, 1948 in the Charlottetown Curling Club at 7:30pm.

This meeting was called for the purpose of receiving the report of the 1948 Confederation Bonspiel and also to discuss and formulate plans for the holding of the 1949 Bonspiel.

The Hon. T.A. Campbell submitted a written detailed report on the 1948 Bonspiel. Many complimentary remarks were made on the excellency of this report as it covered every detail and presented a true picture of the successes as well as the weaknesses of the Bonspiel.

It was moved by Hon. T.A. Campbell, seconded by J.A. Fraser that the 1949 Bonspiel be held at the Charlottetown Curling Club and that the use of the Forum be discontinued for that year. Motion Carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.




Sept. 30/1947              By cash balance Bank of Montreal                 $111.57

                                    By cheques for fees

                                    Alberton                                                          17.50

                                    Charlottetown                                                  51.25

                                    Montague                                                        19.25

                                    Summerside                                                     21.08

                                    By cash for sale of badges                              176.88




                                    To cheque Dominion Curling Association     $20.18

                                    To cheque W.W. Welner Ltd.                        150.00

                                    To discount on 2 cheques                                .33

                                    To cheque H.C. Atkinson                                20.75

                                    To cheque Mrs. R. Arsenault                           10.00

                                    To cheque Miss Helen Gidden                        2.00

                                    To cash commission on sale of badges

                                                            Henry Arsenault                      12.00

                                    To cash for stationary and stamps                   1.62


Sept. 30/1948              To cash balance Bank of Montreal                 $216.88






The annual meeting of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association was held on Wednesday, October 20th, 1948 at 8:00 pm in the Charlottetown Curling Club.

There were twenty members present. Club representation being as follows:

                        Alberton                     2

                        Charlottetown             8

                        Montague                   5

                        Summerside                5

The minutes of the last annual meeting were read by the Secretary Dr. Heath MacIntyre and approved. The financial statement was presented and showed receipts amounting to $397.45 and expenditures of $216.88, leaving a cash balance on deposit in the Bank of Montreal of $180.57.

The Hon. T.A. Campbell read the report of the 1948 Bonspiel and also submitted a suggested outline for the 1949 Bonspiel.

Moved by L.H. Poole, seconded by Dr. H.C. Clarke that the Hon. T.A. Campbell be the Chairman of the Rules Committee. Carried.

British Consols Competition

It was moved by the Hon. T.A. Campbell, seconded by L.H. Poole that the British Consols Competition be on the double elimination plan. Motion Carried.

It was moved by the Hon. T.A. Campbell, seconded by R.S.P. Jardine that in the British Consols Playdown that the two rinks from each club be entered making a total of eight rinks. That in the event of any club not being represented by the two rinks that the Charlottetown Club be asked to provide a sufficient number of rinks to complete the full complement of eight rinks.

Election of Officers:

The following officers were elected for the year 1948 -1949.

President:                                John Matthews           -          Moved by R.S.P. Jardine, seconded by F.R. McLaine

Vice Presidents:                      Edward F. Clow         -          President of the Alberton Curling Club

                                                K. Clarke                    -          President of the Montague Curling Club

                                                Jack Curran                -          President of the Summerside Curling Club

                                                Frank Acorn               -          President of the Charlottetown Curling Club

Secretary - Treasurer:             J.F. MacLeod              -          Moved by R.S.P. Jardine, seconded by F.R. McLaine

Members of the Executive:    H.J. Pike                     Alberton

                                                J.H. Myrick                Alberton

                                                R.S.P. Jardine             Charlottetown

                                                F.R. McLaine             Charlottetown

                                                L.H. Poole                  Montague

                                                Donald Samson          Montague

                                                Dr. H. Clark                Summerside

                                                C.E. Corney                Summerside

Games Committee:

            Chairman        J.F. MacLeod

                                    Judge C. St. C. Trainor

                                    R.E. Ellis

                                    Ed Clow

Visit of the Scottish Curlers

The Hon. T.A. Campbell presented to the meeting an outline of the program arrangement in connection with the visit to Canada by a group of fifty curlers from Scotland. The program had been arranged by the Dominion Curling Association. The Dominion Curling Association had undertaken the financing of all transportation and hotel accommodations during their stay in Canada. The local entertainment costs would have to be met by the host clubs. The Scottish curlers would arrive in Halifax on December 30th. They will be in Moncton on December 31st. Two rinks will leave Moncton by Maritime Central Airways and will arrive at Charlottetown at Noon on New Year's Day. They will stay over until the next day when they will return to Moncton by Maritime Central Airways.

It was moved by P.W. Turner and seconded by L.H. Poole that his Honour Chief Justice Campbell be Chairman of a committee to handle all matters in connection with the visit of the Scottish curlers.

Motion Carried.

The business of the meeting being completed, the meeting adjourned at 10:15pm.

                    H. MacInytre, Secretary


New Year's Day, 1949 marked a memorable event in the annals of Prince Edward Island curling. We began the New Year by entertaining ten of the fifty Scottish curlers who were making a tour of the Canadian curling centres.

The unreasonably mild and damp weather created difficulties in the arrival and departure of the visitors but provided them with a compensating variety of Island transportation. Driven from Moncton to Cape Tormentine by taxis, they had the opportunity of crossing on the powerful ice breaker "Abegweit". At Borden they were met by local curlers, Messers. T.D. Morrison, E.F. Acorn. L.H. Poole, and J.F. MacLeod, who motored them to Charlottetown in time to attend the complimentary luncheon almost on schedule. At luncheon, the local guests were the Hon. G.H. Barbour, Acting Premier, Mr. J.W. MacKinnon, President of the Caledonia Club, Messers. William Burnett of the Guardian and Arthur Gaudet of the Patriot, and Rev. T.J. Ibbott, an Honourary Chaplain of the Charlottetown Club. Among the curlers, the Government was also represented by the Honourable A.W. Matheson, and the City by Councillor J. David Stewart.

Souvenir presentations were made to the visitors on behalf of the Government and of the P.E.I.C.A. Appropriate remarks were made in the reply by Mr. James Noble, Secretary of the Visiting Delegation ( a close personal friend of the late Lord Tweedsmuir), and by Mr. Gilbert McClung, Skip of the visiting Edinburgh rink. The other visiting rink was that of Lanarkshire, skipped by Lawrence Jackson.

In the afternoon the visitors curled against rinks from Summerside and Montague and in the evening against rinks from Charlottetown. During the afternoon games brooms were stacked to permit a call on His Honour, Lieutenant-Governor Bernard, and Mrs. Bernard, who graciously received the curlers in their playing outfits.

All the games were well matched contests and the good sportsmanship of the visitors was evident in every end. The names of the players and the scores were as follows:

Edinburgh/ Summerside

John F. Waugh/ Fred Folland

Dougal Davies /T.D. Morrison

James Young /Morley Bell

Gilbert MacClung/ Thane A. Campbell

Skip, 9./Skip, 10.

Lanarkshire/ Montague

G. Garrett /Fred MacIntyre

Andrew Pate/ Louis H. Poole

James Noble /James Burden

Lawrence Jackson/ Walter M. Bears

Skip, 7./Skip, 8.

Lanarkshire/ Charlottetown

J. Noble/ J.D. Stewart

A. Pate /William Weir

M. Mather/ Wendell MacDonald

L. Jackson /Rankin McLaine

Skip, 9 /Skip, 9


J. Young /Alex Knox

D. Davies/ T.W. L. Prowse

James Aitken/ E.F. Acorn

G. MacClung /G. Elliot Full

Skip, 14/ Skip, 13

Thus the four games were played with a gross margin of three points or a total net margin of one point for the Island rinks.

A large number of spectators followed the games and were particularly interested in the Scottish curlers use of brushes instead of brooms, and also in their use of a "Duster" or "Hankie" to assist in indicating the intended resting place of a stone to be played.

On the following morning, the visiting curlers were escorted to Moncton via Maritime Central Airways accompanied by Hon. T.A. Campbell, Chairman of the Recreation Committee and Mr. J.F. MacLeod, Secretary of the P.E.I.C.A.

Poor visibility forced the plane to make a second call at the Summerside Airport after an unsuccessful attempt to land at Moncton, but the second trip to the Mainland resulted in a successful landing , in good time to rejoin the remainder of Team No.2 and resume the journey to St. John on schedule. Although the weather prevented any view of the Island from the air, the flying was extremely smooth and even those visitors who were having their first air ride appeared to enjoy the experience.

For their Island hosts, the visit ended all to soon and the visitors left behind them lasting impressions of good fellowship and good sport.



A meeting of the Executive of the P.E. Island Curling Association was held in the Charlottetown Curling Club February 2nd 1949. All clubs in the province being represented.

President J.C. Matthews presided with the following members present:

H.J. Pike and J.H. Myrick, Alberton

Hon. T.A. Campbell and Fred MacRae, Summerside

L.H. Poole and Kier Clarke, Montague

E.F. Acorn and J.F. MacLeod, Charlottetown

Hon. T.A. Campbell explained to the meeting that curling clubs in P.E. Island were responsible for payment of approximately four hundred and eighty dollars ($400.80) as our share of the amount expended in entertaining Scottish curlers during their recent tour and while in this Province. The above amount includes taxi fare from Moncton to Tormentine and from Borden to Charlottetown on New Year's Day, hotel bills while in Charlottetown, banquet and meals while on car ferry, music, smokes and refreshments, etc. The above amounts to $330.00. Over and above this amount the Association was called on to contribute a sum which was formerly fixed at $250.00 to the Dominion Curling Association to assist in paying transportation charges etc. of the claims. $80.00 has already been received as entry fees paid by P.E. Island curlers who participated in curling matches with the Scotts. This leaves a balance of $400.00 outstanding.

The following motion by L.H. Poole, seconded by E.F. Acorn was passed unanimously. Moved that the sum of $300.00 be paid to the P.E. Island Curling Association by the Confederation Bonspiel to pay in part bills incurred in the entertainment of the Scottish curlers. That the Chairman of the Financial Committee Confederation Bonspiel be authorized to make a cheque in the amount of $300.00 payable to the P.E. Island Curling Association for the said purpose. That the P.E. Island Curling Association make the payment of $100 to make up the $400.00 required. That all outstanding bills mentioned be paid, and a cheque for the balance be forwarded to the Dominion Curling Association. Hon. T.A. Campbell is of the opinion the Dominion Curling Association will accept this as our contribution.

Fred MacRae, Summerside moved that the Provincial Playdowns for the Regal Trophy which were scheduled to take place at Alberton on February 9th, be deferred until February 10th subject to the approval of the skips concerned. This motion was seconded by L.H. Poole, Montague and carried unanimously. (It was explained that the Summerside Curlers had planned on the formal opening of their new curling club on February 9th.)

A motion by J.F. MacLeod, seconded by Fred MacRae, that a committee composed of Hon. T.A. Campbell, H.J. Pike, Judge C. St. Clair Trainor, W.W. Lord and J.F. MacLeod be appointed to draw up new rules and regulations governing the play for all Provincial Trophies. The report of the committee to be presented at our next annual meeting for approval. Motion carried unanimously.

Secretary-Treasurer J.F. MacLeod advised the meeting that he had procured a typewriter from the H.M. Simpson Company which he required in the performance of his duties. This typewriter had been in constant use since last November. The typewriter has a twenty-six inch carrier and is being used in drawing schedules of play, as well as for Association and Confederation Bonspiel correspondence. Mr. MacLeod advised that a typewriter is very necessary in carrying on the duties of the Secretary in the Association and the Secretary of the Confederation Bonspiel. The typewriter may be leased at a rental of $5.00 per month. This would amount to about $25.00 per year. It was the intention of the Secretary to charge up to half this amount ($12.50) to the Association and the other half to the Confederation Bonspiel. Mr. MacLeod advised that the typewriter can be bought for $90.00. Several competent stenographers have used and examined this typewriter and have pronounced it in excellent condition and well worth the price asked.

It was the opinion of the meeting that a typewriter would always be a very useful piece of equipment to the Secretary and could be used for both Association and Confederation Bonspiel work. It was therefore moved by Mr. E.F. Acorn that the Secretary-Treasurer be authorized to purchase the typewriter for the sum of $90.00. The P.E. Curling Association be responsible for half of the purchase price ($45.00). The Confederation Bonspiel to pay the remaining half. That this typewriter be in the custody of either the Secretary of the P.E. Island Curling Association or the Secretary of the Confederation Bonspiel, to be used by both as required. This motion was seconded by Fred MacRae, supported by J.H. Myrick and carried unanimously.

Mr. E.F. Acorn made a notice of motion to be brought before the next provincial annual meeting. That in connection with the Provincial Playdowns British Consuls Trophy, two rinks, as in the past, represent each club. That the schedule of play be a round robin.

The being no further business, the meeting adjourned.



As Chairman of the General Executive Committee of the third Confederation Bonspiel, I beg leave to report:

The third Confederation Bonspiel was held from February 14th to 19th, 1949. As opposed to the first and second Bonspiels, this years event was confined to the Charlottetown Curling Club, and play at the forum was eliminated. The result was an improvement in ice conditions, general comfort, and social atmosphere.

To offset the drastic reduction in the entry list necessitated by the discontinuance of the Forum, the Bonspiel was operated in three sections. The first section continued for 3 days, and provided the 32 competing rinks with a minimum of five games, and it was arranged that all visiting rinks played at least six games, a very successful informal day being spent at Summerside by those visiting rinks whose luck gave them only five scheduled games.

The Second Section was played on Thursday afternoon and Friday and accommodated 20 competing rinks for three games each. The Third Section, played on Saturday only, gave two games to 24 competing rinks. A total of 175 games was scheduled and only one game was defaulted.

Leaving the matter of finances to our Bonspiel Treasurer, I believe that the Third Confederation Bonspiel was a decided success. The division into three sections enabled us to provide for both those who enjoy a short bonspiel and for those who prefer the more competitive play of a four day event. The quality of play and sportsmanship through the bonspiel was excellent and the rinks entered by the Charlottetown Club was exceptionally strong. One of the trophies was annexed by the Rudderdam Rink from Sydney, another by Casey from Newcastle and the second section trophy was won by Norman Ralston of St. John. But the Bonspiel did not attract as many outstanding curlers from the mainland as we should have liked, particularly the First Section. Apart from the fact that both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had major competitions about the same time, the principle complaint of the mainland curlers seems that they do not get enough curling. I have pointed out that all mainland visitors were given at least 6 games in 3 days, which is the same number guaranteed by the Quebec Bonspiel for a whole week. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia curlers, however, seemed determined to have at least two games per day. This is difficult to arrange on four sheets of ice without reducing the number of entries below 32 which would seem to be the minimum number for a major bonspiel. I have, however, worked out some draft modifications which subject to the approval of the Summerside Club would continue the number of entries in the First Section at 32, and at the same time guarantee each competitor at least 7 games for 3 days. The proposed modification is that Summerside be allotted 8 entries for the First Section, but that the Summerside competitors play the first three or four games in their own rink, and four of the eight, to be determined by play at home, then proceed to Charlottetown for the Banquet and the remainder of their games. A somewhat similar modification would enable the Second Section to provide 20 competing rinks with three games each and ten additional rinks with two games each on Friday only. On this arrangement, the trophy for the Section could be awarded on an elimination basis, the winner and the runner-up to play a fourth game to determine the champion, while the losers of the first round and those who played on Friday would only compete for prizes on a points basis. The arrangement for the Third Section would remain as last year, the single day's event on Saturday having been particularly convenient for a number of curlers from Alberton, Summerside and Amherst.

The suggested guaranteed number of games and the suggested fees for each Section are therefore as follows:

First Section 7 games $6.00

Second Section

A Division 3 games $3.00

B Division 2 games $2.00

Third Section 2 games $2.00

The entry fees for the First Section would include Banquet, Souvenir Booklet, and Bonspiel Badge, in the Second and Third Sections the Badge would be optional and additional.

As the PEI Curling Association is this year adopting a new badge, your Provincial Executive decided that the fourth Confederation Bonspiel should not have a distinctive badge, but should for this year, use the Provincial Badge for that purpose. The Provincial Executive also decided that the fourth Confederation Bonspiel should be held from January 30th to February 4th, 1950.

Respectfully submitted.

T.A. Campbell ( Gen Ex Committee)



An Executive Meeting of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association was held at the summer residence of Hon. T.A. Campbell, Stanley Bridge on July 13, 1949.

This meeting was called to delegate a curler to represent Prince Edward Island at the forthcoming Canadian Curler's tour to Scotland in which fifty curlers in all will leave Canada on or about December 29th, returning on or about February 6th.

Mr. G.G. Hughes was the unanimous choice of the meeting. Mr. Hughes accepted the nomination and being an experienced and expert curler, the meeting was of the opinion that Curler Hughes will do honour to P.E. Island. Mr. Hughes, in accepting the nomination, thanked the meeting for the honour bestowed upon him and assured all that he would do his utmost to be a worthy representative curler from P.E. Island.

Other matters taken up at this meeting had reference to our 1950 Confederation Bonspiel. It was decided that a new badge be designed for the P.E. Island Curling Association. This badge to be based on a map of PEI with the necessary brooms and curling stones in the design. On motion of Hon. T.A. Campbell, seconded by F.R. McLaine authority was given to the General Executive Committee of the Bonspiel to design and order 500 of the above named badges. It was also agreed that the P.E. Island badges be used for our 1950 Bonspiel. Some badges are to be withheld from general circulation until the starting date of our 1950 Confederation Bonspiel, with the exception of providing Curler Hughes with a sufficient number of badges for his tour to Scotland.

It was also decided that our 1950 Confederation Bonspiel should open on January 30th or the first Monday following the close of the Quebec Bonspiel. The above motion by Dr. Heath MacIntyre, seconded by J.A. Fraser.

Considerable discussion took place regarding the general scheme of future bonspiels. The meeting was of the opinion it would be advisable to carry on as last year, dividing the Bonspiel in three sections. However, this matter will be further dealt with at our Annual Meeting.

A financial statement prepared by our Treasurer, P.W. Turner, who was unavoidably absent, was read by our Secretary. This statement showed that our finances are in good shape. At the present time we have a balance of $471.45 with receipts of $250.00 yet to come in. With all bills paid, this will leave a balance of $721.45.

Hon. T.A. Campbell on reporting on our last Bonspiel, stated that complaints were made by curlers outside the Province in regard to the number of games played daily. He advised that every endeavor would be made to get more entries for our Bonspiel.

J.F. MacLeod





The Annual Meeting of the Prince Edward Island Curling Association was held in the Charlottetown Curling Club rooms starting at 7:30 p.m. on October 19, 1949.

The meeting opened with the President J.C. Matthews in the Chair.

Provincial Play Downs, British Consols

Moved by T.A. Campbell, seconded by J.A. Fraser that play in the British Consols Contest start on Wednesday, February 15th . Motion carried.

Moved by G.A. Hawkins, seconded by J.H. Howatt that each member club enter one rink in this contest. T.A. Campbell suggested an amendment, providing all member clubs agreed. That Charlottetown and Summerside be allowed to enter two rinks. Alberton and Montague one rink. L.H. Poole (Montague) objected to this, on the grounds that the two larger clubs would have two chances to the smaller clubs, one chance in winning the trophy. T.A. Campbell then moved in amendment, seconded by Dr. W. MacDonald that last year's rules apply. Namely: Each member club entitled to enter two rinks. Making a total of eight rinks in play. In the event of any club not being represented by two rinks, the Charlottetown Club be asked to provide a sufficient number of rinks to complete the full complement of eight rinks. Amendment carried. Main motion automatically ruled out.

Moved by Dr. W. MacDonald, seconded by Dr. H. MacInytre that play be on the double knock out system. Motion carried.

Maritime Contest Physical Fitness Trophy

In connection with the Maritime Play Offs in the Physical Fitness Contest, W.W. Lord advised that in talking with Horace Webb and others interested he was given to understand that there had been quite a controversy regarding the method of play in the Maritime contest. A suggestion had been made that in future play be the Round Robin system. 1st prize going to the rink winning the greatest number of games. 2nd prize to the second place rink. New Brunswick he thought would favor this method. He understood Nova Scotia was not in favor.

T.A. Campbell moved, seconded by E.P. Foley that the Maritime Contest Physical Fitness Competition which is to be held on Prince Edward Island this year. Be held at Charlottetown on a date set between March 1st and March 15th. The naming of the exact date to be left to the Chairman of the Games Committee who can get the required information through our provincial representative, W.W. Lord. Motion carried.

Provincial High School Competition

Moved by F.R. McLaine, seconded by C.E. Corney that date of play be fixed by the Games Committee. Exact date of play to be at least two weeks and not more than three weeks prior to the starting date of the Dominion Play Offs. Motion carried.

Election of Officers 1949 - 1950

President Fred MacIntyre Moved by F.R. McLaine. Seconded by L.H. Poole.


Vice Presidents President of the Alberton Curling Club

K. Clarke President of the Montague Curling Club

J. K. Currell President of the Summerside Curling Club

J.H. MacNeill President of the Charlottetown Curling Club

Secretary - Treasurer J.F. MacLeod, Charlottetown. Moved by Dr. H. MacIntyre. Seconded by E.P. Foley.

Members of the Executive L.H. Poole, Montague

C.S. Trainor, Montague

F.G. MacRae, Summerside

Frank Daley, Summerside

J.H. Pike, Alberton

J.H. Myrick, Alberton

J.H. Howatt, Charlottetown

Frank Curtis, Charlottetown

Games Committee J.F. MacLeod (Chairman)

H.J. Pike

C.S. Trainor

R.E. Ellis

Meeting adjourned at 11pm to meet at Summerside on December 14th.

Signed J.F. MacLeod, Secretary

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